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Best Chicago Radio? Morning AMp on Vocalo Radio, 91.1 AM

Feminist Wednesdays, Peace Prize Thursdays and Critic for a Minute Fridays. Local hip hop and indie tracks. Candid discussion of news, views and social justice. No commercials!

Jill Hopkins hosts Morning AMp on Vocalo Radio 91.1, also called Chicago's Urban Alternative. I call it the highlight of my day. Particularly when the regular news is bad and traffic is worse.

I found it by accident. I think I was trying to adjust the AC and instead tuned my car radio all the way down to 91.1. The un-hyped voices drew me in. Jill's warm truth-telling was so refreshing I think I clapped out loud.

I did a double-take when she said it was Feminist Wednesday. Really? A morning radio program that uses the F-word? It only got better from there.

If I haven't convinced you to check it out yet, here are some random highlights:

  • Ayana Contreras plays selections from her Reclaimed Soul show (nearly all of it new to me)

  • Hearing 1980's tracks from KRS-One and Public Enemy (I may not know 60's Soul, but I did get my eyes opened in college)

  • You are #TeamVocalo. Just by listening, you're on a team!

  • Jill Hopkins reflecting on a comment: "You take the good, you take the bad...." and just as you're finishing it in your head she continues, "you put em together and there you have The Facts of Life..."

MorningAMp is the radio show you've been waiting for. The wait is over. Check it out Monday through Friday, 8-10 am. Follow @TheMorningAMp on twitter for guest & topic updates.

[For the record, I'm an all-day everyday WBEZ listener. But some days the political news is so maddening that a girl needs an alternative. Thank goodness for Morning AMp. Earlier this week, Jill ended the show with Mya singing Superstar. Who doesn't need that?]

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