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Hello and welcome! Abortion Access, Community Organizing for Racial Justice and Urban Environmental Justice will continue to be our primary funding areas through 2025. 

Abortion Access

Abortion care is essential health care.


The Abortion Access Program Area supports access to safe, affordable, and legal abortions. Organizations selected for funding receive one-year general operating grants. Three categories have emerged as priorities:


  1. Increasing access to self-managed medication abortion (mifepristone and misoprostol)

  2. Chicago-area abortion services, financial support, and transportation/housing needs

  3. Abortion access in southeast states

There are no formal guidelines to apply; if your organization aligns with these categories, please send an email of introduction.

Community Organizing for Racial Justice

This Program Area utilizes participatory grantmaking, shifting decision-making power to an external Grants Team of Chicagoans with lived experience of racial injustice as well as proximity to the issues and communities the Foundation seek to engage.

Additional information on our participatory grantmaking process can be found on this page.

2023 Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Please note: the grants initiated in 2023 were for two years; the same grants will go out again in 2024. There will not be an opportunity to apply for a grant in this program area in 2024.

The organizations below will be funded in 2023 and 2024 at the amounts listed:

AFIRE $15,000  

Chicago IWOC $25,000

We Are Dissenters $15,000

Equity And Transformation $15,000

Free Us: Chicago EM Collective $25,000

Illinois Coalition to End Permanent Punishments $25,000

Liberation Library $25,000

MAMAs Activating Movements for Abolition & Solidarity $25,000

Nebula Mutual Aid $25,000

Not Me We $25,000

Organized Communities Against Deportation $15,000

The Final 5 Campaign $25,000

Urban Environmental Justice

The vision of the Urban Environmental Justice Program Area is that all Chicago residents live in environmentally safe communities.


Low-income communities and communities of color experience disproportionately higher levels of air, water, and soil pollution and contamination. Nonprofit organizations addressing environmental injustice in these communities are the focus of this Program Area. 

Grants are made to organizations that identify environmental hazards, involve their communities in identifying solutions, and advocate for justice and remediation.


Eligible applicants will be Chicago-area nonprofit organizations that are a) led by those directly impacted, b) include community members in decision-making, and c) accountable to the communities they seek to improve.

Grants are not restricted and are awarded annually. There are no formal guidelines to apply; if your organization aligns with these categories, please send an email of introduction.

Long Term Commitments

The board elected to fund four organizations with multi-year commitments, separate from and in addition to the program areas listed above. 

Each of the following will receive $50,000 annually through 2025:

Chicago Foundation for Women

Chicago Public Media

Human Rights Watch

Planned Parenthood of Illinois


The Conant Family Foundation is proud to partner with other foundations on issues that align with our mission. In 2023, these included:

Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund, $25,000

Chicago Fund for Safe & Peaceful Communities, $20,000

Chicago Peace Fellows, $30,000

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