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"People are angry."

"People are angry," says Lori Clark, executive director of social-justice activist group the Jane Addams Senior Caucus and one of the organizers of next month’s march to Springfield. "They’re hurting and they’re scared. They want to take this anger and channel it so we send a loud and clear message to our public officials in Illinois and Washington to make sure these potential cuts don’t happen."

That's from an article recently published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, "Illinois Nonprofits Mount Advocacy Push as Budget Impasse Drags On." It's an amazing article, and not just because the reporter, Alex Daniels, mentions the Conant Family Foundation. Daniels spent weeks gathering information, digging through data, and synthesizing multiple sides of the issue to craft a nuanced and substantial article.

The nonprofit sector matters because people matter. We simply cannot have a state without a budget. Simply put, the government of Illinois is failing to do its job.

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