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Does the world need another blog?

In short, yes. Particularly if you think of a blog as a raised voice, a written vote, a small group of friendly people coming out of the blur of the crowd to engage in conversation with YOU.

Today, I'm thinking about the March for Science in Chicago this weekend. My 9-year old twins are eager to join me -- they hate that I got to wear a knit pink hat and go to DC to March for Women without them in January. This time they are IN.

As 3rd graders, they have been preparing their school Science Fair experiments. Maggie will be testing five different habitats to see which is best suited for sprouting raw potatoes; Sam will test a variety of substances for their ability to rust nails.

[I think that means we have to find iron nails somewhere?]

We will be conducting these experiments at home over the next few weeks. While I'm sure it will be fascinating for us to conduct the experiments, the really fun part is sharing the results with others. Sam and Mags will create poster displays and ask passers-by at the Fair to guess which sprout-y spud was in which habitat, and which substance was best for rust.

Engaging others is what brings experiments -- and ideas, and solutions -- to life.

I'm thinking it might be fun for us to make posters describing these experiments and carry them at the March for Science on Saturday. We can ask our fellow marchers to vote on habitats and substances.

Because it isn't enough for each of us to learn from our experiences (though of course that's essential). Sharing what we learn matters, too. Will everyone agree, or accept the lessons? Will my mom switch where she stores potatoes? Maybe. Maybe not.

I'm working up to a metaphor here.... wait for it....

As a foundation, we have a front row to an amazing amount of information, lessons, and data. I could quietly digest it all at the office, and end the trail there. That wouldn't be a bad thing. But would others find that information, lessons, and data interesting and useful?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Let's find out.

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