Breaking the Cycle of Youth Homelessness on a Daily Basis

[Photo of a young woman holding a baby] The Night Ministry’s youth programs provide a lifeline to homeless and precariously housed young people, including pregnant and parenting mothers. For many of us, our teenage and young adult years are a time of self-discovery and self-fulfillment. We come into our own as we finish high school, go on to college, start a career, and begin to build the lives we dream for ourselves. But to millions of young Americans who experience homelessness and housing instability, these achievements often appear unobtainable. Instead of studying for tomorrow’s midterm, they are worried about finding a safe place to sleep tonight. Wondering where your next meal is comi

America is burning

Op-Ed by Vanessa Daniel from Medium, September 13, 2017. White people in philanthropy, what is your move? Photo Credit: Ron Schwane/AP Ash is falling from the sky in Washington state, where an eerie orange sun glows from behind a gray haze of smoke. Forest fires are raging here and across much of the western United States, while hurricanes bear down on the Southeast. But forests aren’t all that is burning, and city infrastructure isn’t all that is underwater. In a nation still thrashing and struggling to evolve beyond its own rotten foundation of greed, slavery and genocide, our democracy, freedom, and liberty (in whatever small proportions they ever existed) are burning too. Fire smoke, flo